St. George's Casavant Organ
The Hauptwerk 1 and MyOrgan Sample Set
The St. George's Casavant sample set is available in Hauptwerk™ Version 1 format. The version 1 sample set is designed to be used with the previously released Hauptwerk Version 1 software (no longer available), or MyOrgan software (no longer available), or it can be imported into the Hauptwerk program (version 2.10 and higher). The current Hauptwerk version (Hauptwerk 3) is available from here. If you are intending to use this sampleset with Hauptwerk version 2, or higher, it is strongly recommended that you order the St. George's Casavant Organ sampleset designed for Hauptwerk 2 or 3 since this later sampleset version has added enhancements that are only available in the later version of Hauptwerk.

The decay portions of the samples in this set have been trimmed with the intention that when played back in a dry listening environment, reverberation would be added separately through software, or through an external reverb processing unit. The set requires 1 GB of hard disk space. If loaded uncompressed, the full set requires about 1 GB of RAM (this is over and above the RAM requirements for the organ software and any other software that is running).

Twelve organ definition files are included with the sample set, all designed for a screen resolution of 1024 X 768. (click on each for a screenshot)
The stop labeling and tremulant settings have been optimized for three different
sample playback software packages (i.e. Hauptwerk 1 (HW1), MyOrgan, or for import into
Hauptwerk 2 (HW2) or Hauptwerk 3).

Four basic configurations have been included:
Configuration 01 closely matches the original instrument's controls (although expression
was added to the Choir Division);
Configuration 02 includes the addition of a large compliment of couplers; and
Configuration 03 is similar to Configuration 02 with an Oboe 8' stop added to the Choir.
Configuration 04 is similar to Configuration 03 with a new stop added to the
Great - i.e. Super Octave 2' (duplicated from CH Doublette 2'),and a new stop borrowed
from the Great and placed on the Pedal division - i.e. GT. Trompette 8'. Also,
amplitude adjustments were made to the Great Octave 4', the Great Super Octave 2',
the Great Mixtures,and the Choir's III Zimbel.

- StGeorgesConfig01_HW1_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig02_HW1_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig03_HW1_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig04_HW1_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig01_HW2_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig02_HW2_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig03_HW2_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig04_HW2_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig01_MyOrgan_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig02_MyOrgan_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig03_MyOrgan_optimized.organ
- StGeorgesConfig04_MyOrgan_optimized.organ

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